Past and Present


I’m a chicago based actor and singer. I began singing at age 5 with my grandma playing piano and my mother who also sang. Music goes back many generations in my family and I pull from that rich heritage. I still have a great passion for the forties and fifties pop songs I grew up singing and listening to, but i also play guitar and enjoy folk and musical theatre music, as well as writing and performing jazz.

As an actor I have been jeff nominated twice and found some success in tv and film. I have been in over twenty theatrical productions in Chicago since I moved here in 2013.


I am finally creating my own work! Live @ the Treehouse is a project I am creating to bring people together through food and music. Episode 2 coming October 11th!

Independent action film “The Contract” is still shooting in Detroit

Click here to see Episode 1 of LIVE @ THE TREEHOUSE. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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